Four hours with Daughter

I took my daughter out properly for the first time today (instructors day off). Only out for 4 hrs, but absolutely shattered. She can ski, but can’t stop, which means that letting her go down the mountain by herself is a no-no.  Basically, she has to go in front of me resting in-between my legs. Even down the blue runs, this is knackering.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when Daughter is back with instructor, and I can go on a comparatively relaxing 8hr trek.

4 Responses to “Four hours with Daughter”

  1. Awww she looks so sweet. At least she’s having fun.

    No wonder you guys need the kir royal….

  2. she looks so cool in her ski gear :-)

  3. No fear - just like her dad… very sweet….

  4. You should be careful what you wish for . . . .

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