Today we went on our compulsory trek across all theĀ  vallees (Courcheval, Meribel, Va

l Thoren). However, we didn’t quite manage to get to the highest point at the far side of Val Thoren, as the lift going up there was closed due to poor weather! Have to admit, it was bloody cold, and we were quite thankful that we had an excuse not to go up….. ears and nose felt like they were going to fall off.. At least though we managed to have a picnic at the second highest point. Fantastic view:

Salami sandwiches were good, but this weeks diet of mainly meat & bread is making for unpleasant smells in the bubble lifts. There are some uncertain moments trying to figure out whether ones farts are purely gaseous or mixed with something else…

3 Responses to “Picnic”

  1. Guessed you must conned someone into pulling your finger :-)

  2. Some people pull willingly :-)

  3. Hey and you can’t blame the vegetarian this time!

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