Why are we doing this?

We had a mission today to go to every village and every peak around Courchevel. Unfortunately, one of them (Creux Noir 2705m) was closed, and my skiing partner decided it would be a good idea to traverse, and then walk a very long way to get to the top!

Well… at least the view was good, and there was no-one else up there (except ski partner of course). We also got lost in a wood on the way back. All-in-all, the most hard core skiing day I’ve ever had.

A more wordy acount of todays action can be found by skiing partner here

4 Responses to “Why are we doing this?”

  1. is that the same wood that Ashley fell over in last year?

    You look knackered - and you still have today to ski as well!

  2. p.s. you DON’T have to do it just because he tells you to.

    I can see you needed me there to be the voice of reason.

  3. Looks challenging enough to climb the last part. Well done to ski back in one piece. :-)

  4. Yes. Same wood that Ashely fell over in last year, but we didn’t mange to find the path… that was the problem!

    Only just got back in one peice Ms. Toh….. legs were like Jelly after the climb.

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