gears, gears, gears and tax-free bikes

Well, my company is advocating the cycle-to-work scheme, where you can use some of your tax to pay for a new bike. Effectively means that you can get a 35-45% saving on a new bike if you buy from a participating bike shop.

So suddenly over the last week, I’ve become interested in bikes, as I have to get one this month if I want to take up the offer. I hadn’t realised that hub gears were ‘in’ again, and that you could actually get more than 5-speed models! Apparently Rohloff make ones that are 14-speed!! Anyway, the chart below shows the ratio between highest & lowest gear for the hub gear models. I didn’t put this together of course! I got it from

After much procratination about whether to save money, and get the cheaper derallier gear version of the Giant Escape, I decided to get the Giant Escape R8, which has the 8-speed Shimano Alfine hub gears. I tried in the shop… so smooth at low speeds compared to the derallier geared bike.  My ‘cycling buddy’ was intially going to get a Giant Expression, but after seeing the Pashley Pricess Sovereign, she fell for it in a big way , and will be getting that one - before actually seeing it in real life, she had commented that there was no way she’d get that bike, as it looked like something her Grandad would have cycled. The gear ratio for this bike is nearly as good as for the Giant Expression anyway. Gotta say, the Pashley Princess is rather pretty. I would have liked the male version of it (like KarlOnSea has), but I need something suitable for the Dunwich Dynamo

Honeslty though. Which bike would you get if you could only choose one?

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  1. I’d get the Rolhoff. It’s only about £850 for the hub. Provided that you could get the rest of the bike for less than £150, it’d still qualify for the Bike to Work scheme. ;-)

  2. I have no understanding of which language you are speaking here. The words look like English but they don’t compute…

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